Nicole Wesenberg

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Nicole is at fitness fanatic. No seriously, fanatic!! Her initial career as an instructor came through both disciplines of dance; Ballroom and Ballet over ten years ago. Whether she was competing on the dance floor or taking pointe work on stage, behind the scenes she was always learning and always instructing. Gradually her passion for movement and body mechanics grew into other certifications and formats, such as: Barre, Pilates, and Gyrotonics. Nicole believes the body's capabilities come from a thorough understanding of proper body alignment, postural control, joint mobility, and a proper balance between strength and flexibiltiy. She believes her job as instructor is to help clients grow in their understanding of the body, so clients can then themselves gauge and push their own capabilities to achieve their personal goals and find comfort, beyond their comfort zone!

In Nicole's freetime you will find her either training for triathlon, taking ballet, or in her kitchen playing with new recipe!