Mimi Wattanarungsun


"Meditation, Yoga and holistic health have been a very valuable lifelong journey. I started meditation in my childhood at the age of six. It is truly a meaningful way of life. A life with purpose. A way to be healthy, peaceful, and free for our body, mind, and spirit. This adventure of personal development has led me to believe that we are all parts of nature and each human being has the natural ability and intelligence to nourish and heal one’s body and mind in every moment.

I encourage people to practice mindfulness and to live fully in the present moment. When we are deeply rooted and connected with our soul, we will recognize our abilities to be peaceful, and discover the wisdom to generate the purest unconditional love for ourselves and can share these love with others.

The teachings of my parents, Buddha, and many other gurus, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sathya Sai Baba, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Ajahn Chah, Louise Hay, Martin Luther King Junior, Mother Teresa, and so many more have inspired me throughout my life.

I count my blessings and remain in gratitude in every moment while I am alive.  Living in Thailand, traveling to India, and learning the Chinese traditions have made me to become the person I am today. These experiences have given me the opportunities to see and understand what it means to truly live a mindfully well-balanced holistic healthy life."