Jazmin Baeza


Born and raised in Santiago Chile, at eight years old Jazmin was  accepted to study Ballet at The University of Chile, for 8 years.

After she graduated she performed in various TV shows and major venues in the country and abroad. 1995 began her career in dance education , teaching Pilates, modern and jazz dance. 1999 expanded her education, beginning in the area of fitness, with dance fitness, step, aqua dance, pilates, incorporating their knowledge of dance and pedagogy in dance, creating an own and unique style, developing a lifelong career for the last 20 years in fitness and more than 30 years in Dance.

In 2004 she begins to polish her dancing skills incorporating the technique of “Belly-Dance”. Jazmin studied with great artist such as Ansuya Rathor, Saida, Jillina, Marta Korsun, Amar Gamal, Raqia Hassan, Randa Kamel, Amir Thaleb, Mohamed Al Sayed, among others.

Jazmin hosted over 10 full house productions showcasing a variety of guest artist and different dance techniques. She also participated in Miss Belly-dance Chile 2010 where she won the award for most outstanding performer and the second place in the competition chosen by the president of the jury, Jillina.

In 2013 she obtained her USA Zumba Certification.

In 2016 she obtained her USA STRONG by Zumba Certification.

Jazmin's dedication and discipline continue by teaching and working with new students, sharing her knowledge and experiences as a dancer. She thinks that dance is a language and each movement is a word. The most important thing is to reach the hearts of the audience through dance, expressing the magic of music and life itself in every movement. Jazmin is currently teaching and enjoying her new home is USA sharing her favorite phrase "If I can say it with words, it would not be worth dancing." She moved to West Palm Beach in 2013.


One-on-One Sessions: Belly Dance

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Individual instruction with Jazmin will dramatically accelerate your learning, and is appropriate for all levels of dancers. Absolute beginner through professional dancers have benefitted from Jazmin’s patient and intuitive teaching style. Each lesson is customized according to your interests and needs. Areas of focus for your studies are limitless! Possible topics include:

Technique: Isolation drills, conditioning, posture, extension, hands and arms, abdominal work, hip technique, veil technique, rhythm study, and finger cymbals

Concept: Music interpretation, improvisation, dramatic expression, taxim, stagecraft, quality of movement, dancing to live music.

Coaching: Gentle and honest performance critique, competition preparation, music selection & set composition.

Stylization: Classic and contemporary Egyptian, “old school” and modern American Bellydance, Egyptian Folkloric (Saidi, Baladi, Shaabi, Melaya Leff)

Fitness: Dance strengthening and conditioning, drills, safe and effective warm up, stretching and cool down, posture and alignment.

Single Session - $135
5-pack - $575
10-pack - $1000

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