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At Fitness Hub we have two accurate Body Scans that can be performed monthly: the Seca Body Composition Analyzer, and the Fit 3D Body Scanner. These scans give data on a persons internal and external body composition. It also allows members to track their progress and see a side by side comparison. This is beneficial because it provides our members with training motivation and consistency. 


I love my FitHub workouts but even more, I LOVE seeing the results! The MyZone belt gives me instant gratification with daily emails containing charts of effort exerted, calories burned and average heart rate. For long term achievement, I have yearly Seca and Fit3D Scans that show muscle mass, fat mass and body measurements. Just the impetus I need and a great confidence booster!
- Carole Hogan


Heart Rate Monitor, Stay Motivated!


Close to your heart, metrics that matter


  • This heart rate monitor tracks your effort with 99.4% EKG accuracy.

  • Data tracking with your smartphone.

  • Each studio provides live tracking directly on our oversized monitors.


Effective Visualization for Progress Tracking


You get an avatar!

Fit3D ProScanner

  • The Fit3D ProScanner is a 35-second scan that creates a full 360° avatar and precise body measurements.

  • The tower integrated depth camera uses safe, non-invasive, infrared light.

  • 4-minute processing time.

  • Posture analysis.

  • Body shape rating.


Body Composition Analysis, Know Your #'s

2018 Fitness Hub Group Personal Training-4.jpg

Precise Measurements

Seca Body Composition Analysis

  • The Seca scanner is a medical-grade Body Composition Analyzer.

  • It breaks your weight down into categories making tracking progress easier. It measures: Fat Mass, Lean Muscle, Skeletal Mass & more!


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